Corporate office Installation

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Corporate office Installation

Please message us on +91 7981705953 to know the price quote.
Below are the FAQs with answers :
1. What do you do with the giant material that’s called LISHO?
A. We set up art installations with LISHO at various events and corporate spaces.
2. What’s an art installation?
A. An Art installation is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space with a particular art form.
3. What’s the purpose of your installation?
A. The purpose of our installation is to create a space in such a way that it provides solace to the end users on a daily basis. Our installations ( interactive/ non-interactive) made with LISHO can be used to create :
(I) seating space at corporate offices where the staff can sit and relax while taking a break – increases productivity as it provides recreation.
(II) play area where you can jump n roll on without getting hurt in any possible way due to the material that we used to make it – works for both kids and adults .
4. Can this arrangement be used at private spaces?
A. Yes, it can totally be arranged at private spaces according to your area specification.
5. Where did you get the material from?
A. The material is prototyped and manufactured by the designers of Crochet Now.
6. Do you sell the material alone?
A. Yes, we do sell just the material with different fillings. You can message us or comment down below to get the price chart.


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